公司一直致力于建筑门窗领域的安全、防火、低碳、节能、环保方向发展,满足市场全方位的需求。贝斯特先后引进日、美、德等国多条国际顶尖智能生产线,同时率先在美国洛杉矶建立了产品研发中心及实验室,经过力学、人体工程学、质量学的验证整合,其产品全部符合ISO9001质量认证、UL防火认证、国内防火3C认证,且一次性通过美国“WH” “UL”和英国”BS”标准检测。贝斯特产品系列,是集科技、时尚、精工、安全为一体的行业翘楚。





>防火认证、国内防火3C认证,且一次性通过美国“WH” “UL”和英国”BS”标准检测。贝斯特产品系列,是集科技、时尚、精工、安全为一体的行业翘楚。



Mexin Best was founded in 2002, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mexin Group, also the first listed company of Mexin group. After years of development, Mexin Best has become a diversified enterprise which concentrate in designing and selling various types of export doors, windows, personalized design doors and windows system and metal parts.

In order to meet various demands of the market, Mexin Best has been always devoted into the production of a safety, fire proof, low carbon, energy saving doors and windows. Mexin Best has introduced intelligent production line from Japan, the United States of America and Germany. It already set up R & D center and laboratory in Los Angeles.  After verification of integrated mechanics, ergonomics and quality, the products are in conformity with the ISO9001 quality certification and 3C certification. Also obtain the American "Warnock Hersey" “UL” and British “BS” certification. Mexin Best’s product line is a leader in science, technology, fashion, fine workmanship and safety.

  Mexin Best has been explored foreign market for more than 15 years. With strong market development capability and integrity in follow up services, Mexin Best has established good partnership with hundreds of foreign customers. Products spread throughout the United States, Britain, France, Poland and other more than 40 countries and regions rapidly.

In recent years, When Mexin Best continue to expand overseas business, it also begin to focus on domestic market. Based on the fruitful results of overseas resources, Mexin Best will depend on its unique development mode, leading a team with forward-looking and modern international marketing conception, explore the domestic market deeply, break through itself, to promote Mexin Best achieve leapfrog development.